Registration Information for Presenters

Thank you for presenting at SEWSA 2013!

This includes the same information you should have also received in your acceptance e-mail from  If it is after 1/25 and you did not receive any notification e-mail, please check your spam filters, look on submittable, add to your “always accept” e-mail list, and/or e-mail for more info.

In order to present at SEWSA 2013, you need to do three important things:

  1. By February 10th: Please fill out the form linked in your acceptance e-mail to confirm that you will be attending the conference, and to provide final information for the program. If its after 1/31/13 and you did not receive an e-mail about your submission, please e-mail
    (FOR PANELS & PERFORMANCES: Only one person needs to fill out this form)
  2. Become a SEWSA Member.  (Info at the bottom of the page)
    (FOR PANELS & PERFORMANCES: All panelists and performers must be SEWSA members)
  3. Register for the conference.
    (FOR PANELS & PERFORMANCES: All panelists and performers must register for the conference)

Other Important Info:

  • NOTE: Our conference overlaps with a major citywide event so be sure to book your accommodations right away!
  • Please add the e-mail addresses, and the domain to your e-mail address book and mark them as “always accepted” senders, so that conference communications don’t end up in your junk mail folder.  (You can ask your college or organization’s tech support for help or google “whitelist e-mail address” to find directions specific to your e-mail provider.)
  • Student travel grants of up to $100 each will be awarded to students presenting papers at the SEWSA conference who attend college within the southeastern region. A total of $1,500 is available for student travel grants to the annual SEWSA conference.  Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.  Aplications are due February 8th.  Learn more at

SEWSA Membership Fees for Presenters:

  • Undergraduate Students & those making less than $15,000/year: $15
  • Grad Students, Adjuncts, & those making $15,000 to $29,999/year: $30
  • Faculty & those making $30,000 to $49,999/year: $40
  • Faculty & those making $50,000+/year: $50


BEGINNING 4/18 at 10am

Then return to the SEWSA 2013 Registration Page


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